Favourite Fabric Shops in Glasgow

Fabric Shops in Glasgow

We are fabric addicts here at Braw Wee Emporium, we have a proper stash we've built up from our Bottle Lamp Workshops and Lampshade Making. We have some great fabric shops here in Glasgow, amazing Harris Tweed Weavers in Scotland so here are some of our favourites! 

Physical Shops

Fabric Bazaar - One of our favourite fabric shop and old neighbours at The Barras Market. They have a fab selection of gorgeous and quirky fabrics, and the staff are so knowledgeable and know our workshops well. They have been our main supplier of fabrics since we started the workshop and are always the first recommendation for our workshops. 

Cotton Print Factory - based south of the river in Kinning Park, they opened back in 1989 and have an amazing selection of fabric suitable for all types of projects. We've had some amazing bargains shopping in here. Staff again are so lovely and knowledgable - ready to help you pick the right fabric. The bonus is they have free parking and are close to the Shields Road or Kinning Park subway stations. 

Mandors - if the city centre is easier for you to get to then Mandors is the go-to place now in Glasgow, they have a good selection of cotton and homeware fabrics. 

Bawn Textiles - based on the Southside of Glasgow, Bawn opened in 2020 and was set up with a focus on bridging the gap between the growing sustainable textile supply chain and the customer - home sewers and small fashion brands. They have a small but lovely selection of guarantee responsibly sourced quality textiles. 

Sew Confident - based in the West End this lovely female led company not only hosts a range of fantastic workshops but they have a fabric shop as part of their studio on Great Western Road, stocking some great ranges including Liberty Print! 

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed - Isle of Harris - This is the main supplier of our tweeds for our lampshades and we direct our customers if they are looking for a custom-made shade as they have a wide selection of colours, patterns and in double width which we need for our lampshades over 30cm. Their customer service is also fantastic and tweeds normally arrive within a week. 

Some smaller producers we buy from include: 

Online Fabric Shops 

Grid Fabrics - launched in October 2020 by Catriona Easton and Sally McAdam. After years of happily curating an imaginary fabric shop, they decided to go for it and open a real online store so they can live their dream of touching as much fabric as possible. We know Sally from her other business Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes where she creates fun colourful products - check out the Braw Wee Emporium Page for details. 

Frumble - we've been using Frumble for a few years now and they have lots of fun prints. They are another fab small business - Mat and Monica established Frumble back in 2010. We buy a lot of our Frida fabrics from these lovely folk. 

Fabric Yard - are another small online company that has some amazing colourful and fun fabrics. They have a range of retro and modern quirky designers and are based in Portstewart, on the North coast of Ireland. 

We are a small online company hoping to inspire your next sewing project with our range of both retro and modern quirky designer cotton prints at great prices. We aim to provide an efficient service with a focus on you, the customer.

There are loads more fantastic suppliers out there but this is a few of my favourites! 

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